How do you pronounce Nicolpops?
Like "Nickel-pops", but you can just call me Nic!
When is your next shop update?
I'll add a banner announcement at the top of my Big Cartel site, or you can also check out my Shop Update highlight over on my Instagram for info.
You can check out my products page to see what's currently in stock!
I saw a fibre doll I liked on Instagram - can I buy this now or can I reserve a fibre doll before it's released?
If the item in question is not already available to purchase in the store, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until it's added to the next shop update.
I publish my shop updates at a scheduled date/time, and always give plenty of notice on all of my social media channels.
There may be someone else who really wants the same item as you and is waiting for the update for that particular piece, so I need to keep it as fair as I can for everyone.
How much are your fibre beasts?
It varies, depending on which beast you are interested in, how long it took to make, the skills used, materials cost, etc. But you can check out my products page to see what is currently available, and you'll see the price listed there.
Are your fibre beasts safe for children/pets?
Nicolpops fibre beast dolls and plushies are collector art toys, and are not made with the safety of children in mind.
You can use your own judgement, but I wouldn't reccommend gifting these toanyone under 12 years old, due to small parts and delicacy of some of the fibres/materials used.
They are certainly not for pets!
They should be handled lightly with care, and are best to be displayed in your home as a work of art.
Do you offer custom fibre beasts?
Currently no, mostly due to time, but also as I like having the freedom to be creative with my work, and usually have so many of my own ideas I look forward to making! 
Do you sell patterns of your fibre beasts?
No, my fibre beasts are completely designed and hand-made by me. As I continue to sell my art, I will not be offering my "patterns" for others to make their own (and potentially rip me off by selling them).
I have been developing my creative skills and style for many years, and I'm proud of the art I create.
It absolutely destroys an artist when others steal their arts/style, so just don't do it, OKAY?
What is your policy on reselling of Nicolpops artworks?
I would like to think that those who purchase my work do so because they have connected with a piece personally.
While I understand that once purchased, a buyer may choose to do what they wish with a Nicolpops artwork, I do NOT support or endorse the buying of these artworks solely for third party selling.
Furthermore, if I have evidence that a customer is buying purely to resell for immediate profit then I shall exercise my right to cancel the order(s) and choose not to accept future orders from the same customer or delivery address or those connected with buying this way. 
I reserve the right to limit or prohibit orders that, in my sole judgment, appear to be placed by dealers, resellers or distributors where my art is being bought specifically for reselling and for profit.
The only way to ensure a safe purchase (and support me) is to purchase my artwork from me via my online shop, or from anywhere that I have explicitly given permission to sell my original work.
If you have purchased an artwork from a reseller, then it is your responsibility alone if anything goes wrong with that order, I will not be liable for anyone who may scam you or sell you a faulty or damaged artwork.
What payment methods do you accept?
Paypal and Stripe (for those who would prefer to pay by card, instead of Paypal).
If you are able to use Stripe, I'd appreciate if you use that instead of Paypal, as they take about half the amount of fees Paypal does.
Where are you based?
Nicolpops fibre creatures and illustrations are created in my tiny studio in Aberdeen, Scotland!
When will my order be dispatched?
Right now, Saturday is my only posting day, and usually first thing in the morning, so any orders placed after 10pm on a Friday won't be shipped until the following weekend. Please bear this in mind, if you are ordering a gift for someone.
How will my orders be posted (United Kingdom based customers)?
Fibre beasts / items over £20 will be posted as either tracked / signed for depending on what you order and the total cost.
Items £20 and under will be shipped standard 1st class. 
I use Royal Mail for all orders.
Do you ship internationally?
Right now, outwith the UK, I ship to the USA and Canada only. No exceptions. 
I have had to stop sending items to the EU due to the complications of Brexit, as well as the difficulty of sending art dolls (or anything that looks like a toy) through customs!  I hope you understand, my friends! Please don't message me to say other artists have posted to the EU, please respect my boundaries. Nor will I ship items as a "gift", as this is illegal of me to do so, and I will lose the ability to claim any losses of your parcel if it were to go missing.
How will my orders be posted (USA/CANADA based customers)?
Orders outside the UK are shipped tracked only. I know it's expensive, but it's the safest and most reliable option for both parties. I don't make any profit on shipping costs.
International tracked and signed packages aim for 5 - 7 working days from the date of dispatch (but can sometimes take a week or two longer depending on the time of year).
You may then have to pay customs/VAT charges or handling fees in the receiving country before you can claim the parcel. These charges will depend on the country the order is sent to and the value of the item.
I am NOT liable for these charges.
Wow, you made it to the end! For that, I congratulate you (ADHD brain here, so I would have given up reading a long time ago)!
Thank you so much, whether you're a hard-core collector, or even an appreciator of my art.
My business has steadilly grown so much over the last couple of years, and for that I'm super grateful.
You are brilliant!